Why a Short-Term Rental in Atlanta is Better than a Hotel

To fully experience a city, you must immerse yourself in its culture, history, and charm. What better way to do that in Atlanta than with a short-term rental? Hotel rooms are okay, but they don’t give you the comfort you need when visiting a new city.

Here are a few reasons why a short-term rental in Atlanta is a far better experience than staying in a hotel, whether it be for business or pleasure:


For convenience, many hotels are located close to airports, subway stations, or busy city corners. Although these locations may give you easy access to transportation, the view will be mediocre, and the sounds of traffic and blaring horns will keep you up at night. With Royal Living Group, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in one of the best locations in Atlanta—without the loud city sounds.

All the Amenities of Home

At Royal Living Group, our goal is to create a home away from home. Each suite in Atlanta is designed with luxury furniture and decoration to make you feel welcome and comfortable. In addition, each short-term suite offers all necessary amenities, like a gym, sauna, and on-site customer service representatives.

Meet Friends and Throw a Dinner Party

Part of exploring a new city is meeting people. A hotel room is no place to host a dinner party. Stay with us and you can invite guests over for an exquisite dinner, prepared using brand new appliances in your very own kitchen.

A More Personable Experience

Plopping down on a hotel bed can feel relaxing, temporarily. However, after a few hours, you may find yourself wondering how many people have stared at that exact spot on the ceiling, or bathed in the suspicious-looking bathroom tub. At Royal Living Group, our short-term suites in Atlanta are designed with your individual comfort in mind. Each piece of furniture, throw pillow, or painting is chosen carefully to ensure maximum comfort during your stay. To us, you aren’t just a passerby—you’re a guest in our home.


Room service always seems to knock on your door at the wrong time, even if you’ve put that little hook on the handle politely declining their service. At Royal Living Group, you can ensure a quiet, worry-free stay in the privacy of your own space.

Next time you come to Atlanta, be sure to book an unforgettable stay at Royal Living Group. Our short-term rentals are designed to give you the most relaxing, rewarding, and enriching experience possible. To learn more about short-term suites in Atlanta, request a booking with us today.